Artix Partnering With Heyzap

Artix Entertainment, a small, independent game development studio that creates hit F2P (Free-to-Play) games played by over 100 million people, today announced today it has entered into a distribution deal with Heyzap. Artix’s hit F2P MMO EpicDuel will now be playable – still for free – on over 220,000 websites in the Heyzap global network of sites.

Artix founder and CEO, Adam Bohn, commented, "The thought of players dueling each other from 220,000 different websites is really exciting! But if more than one person plays per website… we will need to add more hamsters to power the game’s server farm!"

"The Heyzap API is free and allows game developers to make their social games playable on any of the 220,000 websites on our global network while players’ identities follow them," says Conor Nash, Business Development at Heyzap. "This allows Artix – and any other developer who distributes with Heyzap – a vastly increased audience of active gamers who might otherwise not be exposed to their games."

EpicDuel is a free to play, download-free PVP MMO that plays right in your web browser. The game features a futuristic science-fiction world on the brink of destruction; Delta V was forged by war and can only be salvaged in the same means. ED offers players extremely customizable characters with a continually-growing arsenal of equipable weapons, armors, styles, bikes, and bots. Build your Class in any way you choose and become the greatest Hero… or Villain…that Delta V has ever seen!

The Heyzap solution has gained wide market acceptance because it has the ability to take complex, engaging games and bring them to the rest of the web. In the past, to get a game on your site would require a significant undertaking. Without Heyzap integration single sign-on and viral sharing would not be possible. Heyzap now allows anyone to get EpicDuel, for free, via a simple embed code. Heyzap offers social games and MMOs to website publishers generating new ways to engage users and monetize their sites . Heyzap powers the games sections of Ning, Webs, CoolIris, Mefeedia, and other partners listed on .

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