Archie Comics Launches Superhero Line

Red Circle Comics, the super hero imprint of comic publisher Archie Comics, is proud to launch the second arc of the groundbreaking New Crusaders series: Dark Tomorrow. New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes saw the revival of the Red Circle heroes and a fresh, exciting take on the classic franchise.

Beginning this May, the New Crusaders continue their triumphant return with New Crusaders: Dark Tomorrow following their fiercest battle to date with the shocking conclusion to New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes. The digital first series successfully made the transition to print this summer and continues to build on its timeless legacy.

‘This new series will introduce some new characters to the team, and some familiar faces to the Red Circle universe will be back,’ teases Red Circle Executive Director of Editorial Paul Kaminski. ‘Dark Tomorrow will take our kids back to high school, where they begin to juggle their super hero identities with the normal trials of high school life. The 6-issue limited series format will allow us to pace out the long-form story just as writer Ian Flynn has crafted it over time, and that story is intense.’

“New Crusaders: Dark Tomorrow is a fantastic first issue!” exclaims Red Circle Comics President Mike Pellerito. “Not only is it filled with suspense, mystery and intrigue, but it’s not a dream or an imaginary tale. Dark Tomorrow is a tale only the radical Red Circle would attempt! Plus, it’s still only $2.99! But in all seriousness, we couldn’t be more excited for this story to kick off and take our readers on a new journey with these characters we’ve all grown to love with a passion.”

The innovative flagship title for Red Circle Comics will now offer fans day-and-date releases of the issues either in print from their local comic shop or digitally on the Red Circle App. In addition to the ongoing storyline, The Lost Crusade stories will continue to explore the histories of the original Mighty Crusaders, filling in the gaps between the classic series up to now and featuring some of today’s top creators.

New Crusaders: Dark Tomorrow #1 features the continued talents of writer Ian Flynn (Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man) and artist Alitha Martinez (Iron Man, Batgirl) with cover art by superstar artist Phil Jimenez (JLA, Infinite Crisis) and variant cover art by original New Crusaders artist Ben Bates.

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