AOL, Cartoon Network Sponsor Developer Contest

Cartoon Network and America Online have joined forces to offer one up-and-coming game developer the opportunity to create an online game featuring a popular Cartoon Network character from series such as Codename: Kids Next Door, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy or Samurai Jack in the first ‘Project Goldmaster’ program. As part of the Independent Games Festival (IGF), ten finalists will be selected to compete to win the top honor to develop an online game for’s Power Play Games area.

One of the ten finalists will be selected by the Cartoon Network to be the winner of ‘Project Goldmaster." The winner will then chronicle the journey to making a game using the Cartoon Network intellectual property on the AOL Journal blogging service. Through the creation of video vignettes, early story boards, screen images and interviews with the game-makers, AOL will also offer gamers an insight view of the creation of a game.

"We know there is a great deal of talent and creativity in the independent gaming community, and ‘Project Goldmaster’ will be a significant opportunity for an up-and-coming developer," said Paul Condolora, vice president and general manager, Cartoon Network New Media. "Cartoon Network has always been focused on attracting new talent, first for our animated series and now to develop interactive games based on our successful properties. We think working with the independent gaming community on Project Goldmaster is a good fit with our mission and will allow millions of Cartoon Network fans the chance to buy and play this game."

"AOL Games’ mission is to create compelling and original entertainment for games enthusiasts that goes well beyond the actual game itself, which makes this program an ideal fit," said Matthew Bromberg, vice president and general manager for AOL Games. "Launching the ‘Project Goldmaster’ program during the Independent Games Festival is the perfect platform for us to reach the right talent, all while documenting this process to give our members a better understanding of what it takes to make it in this competitive business."

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