Anomaly Warzone Game Ships

11 bit studios ( launched an all-out assault on boredom today, as the company’s anticipated debut, Anomaly Warzone Earth, was released via leading digital distributors. The game is available worldwide for PC and Mac via Steam, the Mac App Store and GamersGate for just $9.99 (pricing may vary by territory) – a price point so low for a game so good, there has been some speculation that the developers were actually beamed to Earth from another planet… a planet where prices are much lower, and where games are very good.

"We hope that gamers love the experience delivered by Anomaly Warzone Earth. After years of creating retail games for other publishers, we’ve been very happy to have the chance to do things on our own with a game we really believe in, and the rise of digital distribution has made that a possibility," said Grzegorz Miechowski, Managing Director of 11 bit studios. "We’ve been able to take risks we normally wouldn’t have taken, and we feel we’ve done a good job of bringing some truly innovative mechanics and ideas to the game. We’re just very happy to get the game into players’ hands."


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