Anomaly 2 Deploys To iOS

11 bit studios announced today that Anomaly 2, the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Anomaly Warzone Earth, is now available on the Mac App Store. Anomaly 2 maintains the core elements of the first series while adding new features to the single player campaign and introducing a tower defense versus tower offense multiplayer mode.

Check out the launch trailer here.

From Warsaw, Poland-based 11 bit studios, Anomaly 2 features an exciting single-player campaign that transports you to a bleak, frozen Earth, overrun by the alien anomalies. Humanity has been nearly wiped out, and you’ll need to use all the tools at your disposal — tactical planning, a wide range of units featuring brand new morph modes, the commander’s support abilities and quick thinking — to take back our planet from the alien scum. Anomaly 2 also introduces the unique tower offense vs. tower defense multiplayer mode, testing your wits and skill in intense one-on-one battles.

Anomaly 2 is now available on Mac App Store here


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