AMD Releases New Developer Tools

Today's leading game developers, such as Croteam, Creative Assembly, Juice Games and Codemasters, are using some impressive new development tools from AMD to make their game-building experience easier and more productive. Just as a mechanic would need the right tools to keep his/her vehicle in excellent shape, AMD's developer tools allow for rapid bottleneck detection, advanced rendering techniques and interactive tuning of shaders, resulting in real-time performance improvements and greater shader accuracy. The new tools include:

GPU Perf Studio: A real-time performance analysis tool designed to help tune the graphics performance of a D3D9 application. GPU PerfStudio boosts performance with an override of key rendering states in real-time for speedy bottleneck detection, creating real-time performance charts.

GPU Shader Analyzer: When writing complex pixel and vertex shaders, it's always beneficial to be aware of where clock cycles are going, and the GPU Shader Analyzer does just that. This application provides accurate performance estimates for shaders and enables developers to view disassembly of generated hardware shaders.

HLSL2GLSL: An open-source tool that directly translates shader source from HLSL to GLSL. Also available is a convenient library version with full source code.

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