AM2 Conference Lines Up Japanese Musical Artists

Attendees could have the time of their life as AM2 (June 15-17, 2012; Anaheim Convention Center and Anaheim Hilton) announces the 1st wave of Summer Festival musical acts at this year¹s highly anticipated event. A diverse slate of Japanese, and Japanese-Inspired, musical acts ranging from pop to visual kei will grace the Matsuri Stage to the delight of attendees and fans. More info and attendee registration can
be found at

"There is something for everyone at AM2," states Summer Festival/Matsuri Festival Programming Representative Mr. Sal Ortiz, "from a diverse slate of musical acts on the Summer Festival stage to exclusive screenings, fashion shows, exhibit hall, anime, arcade, console game rooms, dances and more!
Get your Passports today and join in on the fun!"

Summer Festival/Matsuri Stage acts currently include:


In late 2010, six people met and combined their passion for music and anime, giving creative birth to the band called Midnight Shinigami (Gods of Death). Hailing from different parts of the world, Midnight Shinigami’s members are
just as diverse as their musical influences and playing styles. Among the top talent fronting this band are the megami MANDY MEFFORD (2005 & 2007 AX
Idol) and BRATHZOKARANOVIC, former guitarist from MAKENAI. From soft ballads to hard-driving metal, they’re sure to have something in their repertoire
that’ll make anyone drop dead in pure aural bliss.


The Icarus Kid blasts familiar NES melodies and has been featured with the acclaimed orchestral show Video Games Live, won first place in the Seattle Laptop Battle, and his 8-bit roots have been turning heads in the video game composition industry. The music is often compared with Daft Punk, Crystal Castles, and Aphex Twin.


Kazha is a rock band from Japan. After their release of the first album "Overture", they’ve been touring North America and South America, and keep spreading their music to the world.

Their music combines the softness of a falling feather with the heaviness of a hurricane.


LuCiD first formed with the drummer/ leader Rui, and lead guitarist Yuto.Bassist Ku then joined, followed by the vocalist Ryu and are currently
searching for a rhythm guitarist. LuCiD has played shows mainly around Los
Angeles, performing original hard JRock songs. While creating a gloomy,
melancholy atmosphere, they bring immense energy to the stage with twisted,
cynical lyrics. Although they may sing in a different language, anyone who
experiences LuCiD’s music would feel the emotions through every instrument.


Momotama is comprised of guitarist Tama and vocalist/ keyboardist Momo. This project came to fruition because of the passion for anime songs that these two otakus from Japan have.

Guitarist Tama was seventeen years old when he first started playing the guitar. His heart was captured by the beauty of Bossa Nova when he first heard Evangelion’s version of Fly Me To The Moon. Since then he has
performed in various sessions as a Bossanovista as well as participated in
other sessions involving Samba and West African music.

Vocalist Momo (aka cosplayer Mikarin) hasn1t stopped singing since she was four years old and singing children¹s songs to her bed-ridden grandmother. In fact her main reason for coming to the USA was to study vocalization techniques. Eventually her heart turned back to her country and she realized the beauty and joy that exists in Anime songs as well as cosplay.

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