AdventureQuest Celebrating Holidays

As wintery weather sweeps across North America, the holiday season of Frostval is heating up in the online fantasy game world of AdventureQuest. Just when players might breathe a sigh of relief after repelling a wave of vicious clawg monsters, a new threat faces the town of Frostvale, where Frostval originated long ago. A tribe of warriors are on the march against this town and the gift-giving magical Moglins!

In this new chapter of Frostval, new monsters and rewards await the brave adventurers willing to take on this quest. For further aid, adventurers can pick up a rare, unique spell from Valencia's Z-Token shop that summons a small horde of Frost Elves and their pets against this frosty threat.

AdventureQuest is a Flash-animated role-playing game playable on most
browsers. Free to play, for either minutes or hours a day, players
can delve into an action-packed fantasy world of myth and magic filled with hundreds of monsters, weapons, armor and items. For more information about all of Artix Entertainment’s free-to-join web browser and Macromedia Flash-based games, please visit

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