Activision Founders Celebrate 20 Years In Development

David Crane and Alan Miller, two of the co-founders of the first independent video game publisher, Activision, are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the founding of the company at E3.

Since Activision’s founding in 1979, the independent game publishing industry has flourished to become a multi-billion dollar worldwide business, encompassing hundreds of independent publishers and game development companies. Crane and Miller carry on that tradition of independent game development at Skyworks, where Crane serves as Chief Technical Officer, and Miller as Vice President of Business Development. Skyworks is exhibiting its games in booth #6601 in the Kentia Hall at E3.

"Garry Kitchen, Skyworks’ CEO, and I founded the company in 1995 to explore what we could accomplish with games delivered over the Internet," said Crane. "The business model that’s worked well for us is the creation of advertiser sponsored games."

Since its inception, Skyworks has developed over 200 original client-branded games for clients that include BMW, Ford, GlaxoSmithKline, Toyota, Microsoft Network, Pepsi, Mattel, MTV, ESPN, Fox Sports, CNN/Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, Comedy Central,, and many others.

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