6 Reasons Why Cheating in PC Games Is Fun and Enjoyable

Video games are a lot of fun and are one of the most widely used forms of entertainment on the planet. It is estimated that over 159 billion dollars were spent on video gaming in 2020, which clearly shows its immense popularity. But, how do you make gaming even better? Cheating, obviously! There are so many reasons to bend the rules in video games and make your PC gaming time even more fun. After speaking with gamers and developers, we’ve compiled a list of the 6 top reasons people choose to cheat in PC games.

Stuck On A Level

There’s nothing more stressful when gaming than being stuck on a level that you just can’t beat. Maybe it’s the big boss at the end of a mission, or maybe you just can’t finish first in a race. The folks from I Want Cheats believe there’s absolutely nothing wrong with seeking a little extra help to beat that level. Download a cheat code and skip forwards so you can move on a level and enjoy more of the game.

Beat Your Friends

A huge component of gaming is playing against friends online. And, you probably want to win, right? Well, with a little help from cheats you can be the best player in the game. A little extra stamina here, a bit more accuracy there, whatever the case may be. A little cheat can give you the edge over your friends and have them wondering exactly how you got so good! Whether you tell them you had help or not, well, that’s up to you. Maybe keep it quiet and let them believe you’re the best gamer there ever was.

Freedom to Play (Not Be Played!)

A common theme we discovered when talking to gamers was the feeling they wanted to feel free to enjoy and play a full game. Many felt that, by being restricted to the game’s natural features, they were being played instead of playing. Using cheats can unlock aspects of a game you didn’t know existed, meaning you can be completely free to do whatever you want and play however you want. Many games are limitless in possibilities once you unlock them with the help of cheat codes.


Another comment we received over and over again was the feeling of wanting to save some time whilst playing. Often, levels within games can be extremely complex and intricate, leading to a huge amount of time being consumed. If there’s a task that’s just too repetitive, complicated, or confusing, use a cheat to help you get past it. This leaves you with far more time to enjoy more of the game instead of running around in circles for hours. 

Removing Frustration

On a similar note, games can be extremely frustrating when you are stuck or feel like you’re wasting time. We, for one, don’t think games are meant to frustrate the hell out of us! Sure, sometimes you want to be challenged and have to work hard on games, but there’s no need to sit feeling frustrated or even angry whilst playing. How many stories have you heard about people breaking their controllers – or even TVs – in frustration whilst gaming? We don’t want that. A handy cheat can help remove your frustration and get you past a challenge that has upset you. You don’t even have to keep the cheat active afterward, but it can at least help you beat short-term frustration.

Experience The Whole Thing

Finally, games are often long, expansive, sometimes limitless. When you’re spending your hard-earned dollars on a video game, you want to get the most out of it. Too many times we start a game and don’t find the time to complete the whole thing. This is not good value for money! By using cheats, tricks, or hints, you can open the game up and experience every single part of it. Wanna skip to the end or maybe pick and choose which exciting parts to play? Use a cheat code. We think it’s totally fair to use cheats to help you experience every single corner of a game.

So, as you can see, cheats don’t just mean cheating to win. Cheats can help you experience an entire game, have more fun, and enjoy yourself more, all whilst not wasting time or getting frustrated. Most cheats are easy to find online through reputable cheat code sites, meaning you simply search, click, and start cheating. If cheats help you enjoy your gaming more, we certainly say: go for it!

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