5 Steps To Hosting an Exciting Mobile Game Party Night

Covid has changed the way we socialize. In fact, popular video calling services like Zoom saw around 300 million daily participants taking advantage of video calls for work, school, and socializing.

While we are all itching to get together with friends, many areas still aren’t allowing visitors to homes, making game nights feel nearly impossible. Fortunately, virtual hangouts have made keeping in touch easier while we stay apart.

If you’re after a fun way to engage and entertain your friends, a mobile game party is just the solution! Follow along to discover the 5 simple steps to hosting game night online.

1. Save the Date

First things first, you’ll need to set a date for your virtual game night. Fortunately, with so many people working from home, you’re not necessarily limited to that Saturday night time slot!

Decide on a date that works well with your schedule but gives your guests enough heads up to get on board. Make it a weekend event or perk your party guests up with a mid-week social circle – the choice is yours!

2. Select Your Video Chat Services

Once you’ve decided on your date, you’ll need to nail down the perfect video chat services for your event.

Consider how many guests will take part, the expected duration of your party, and any additional needs like screen sharing options. You want your virtual hangout to be as seamless as possible, so be sure to take care of any subscriptions or setup ahead of time and ask your guests to do the same.

3. Invite Your Guests

Time to invite your friends! Whether you choose to send out a group text with your meeting code and instructions or design a virtual e-vite, your next goal is to get your guests into the event.

Be sure to include details about what you’ll be doing, how long your game night will be, and any additional instructions they’ll need to know. This will increase the chances of your guests hopping on board rather than feeling unsure and out of place with the new game night structure.

4. Select Your Game(s)

The options for your virtual game night are endless. You could host a trivia party, make classic games video call-friendly, or opt for mobile games to include every member with ease.

Websites make it easier than ever to involve your friends in your mobile game party and ensure there’s something in store for every interest!

5. Choose Prizes, Incentives, and Rewards!

Want to up the ante? Give your mobile game party purpose by including prizes, incentives, and rewards for participants!

Including a few initiatives makes getting involved more fun and competitive and encourages party-goers to stick around right to the end! Your prizes could be as simple as a voucher to the game store or as elaborate as a home-delivered prize pack.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to make the evening more fun and involved with this optional step!

Hosting Your Mobile Game Party  

There you have it! 5 simple steps to hosting your very own mobile game party for you and your friends. Now that you know what you need to pull it off, it’s time to get started on your virtual hangout!

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