Trailer: Crazy Belts

International games publisher Immanitas Entertainment is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of Crazy Belts at Steam, worlds’ famous Internet-based digital distribution platform. Created by indie developer Jemchicomac, Crazy Belts is an incredibly additive casual puzzle game, in which players control “Loui The Bag” on his legendary trip across five exciting countries on a quest to help his friends and discover his way home.

Did you ever consider what happens to luggage after it has been checked in at the airport? Crazy Belts can, and just might, unveil all the secrets about what goes on! In the game, you play the role of a busy baggage handler, and it is your job and responsibility to control a series of moving cargo belts, carefully navigating color-coded luggage to its rightful destination. Sounds easy? Not really. The better you perform, and the father you progress, the more challenging and frantic the action becomes. Surprises and obstacles will quickly appear, but thankfully superpowers and really cool upgrades become available to help you out.

Suitable to players of all ages and experience levels, Crazy Belts invites you on a journey across the world from London to Madrid, to the majestic Statue of Liberty and even the Great Wall of China. With its great graphics, compelling gameplay, humorous story, and 50+ levels to complete, get ready for some serious fun and download your copy today. Just don’t forget your luggage tag …


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