Video Game Tuesday: Losers of 2016

Michael Blaker
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I’m back with a look at the failures from this past year for this week’s Video Game Tuesday. It’s my Losers of 2016!

PC Gaming: Before you PC Elitists get all up in arms, calm down. I’m merely stating the fact that too many games launched with poor PC versions out there. That’s what sucked for you guys.

No Man’s Sky: It had such promise, and failed to deliver on a bunch of features that were mentioned leading up to the launch. Where the hell is multiplayer anyway?

Destiny: We didn’t get Destiny 2, instead we got a piece of crap called Rise of Iron. I played it for less than a week, because I couldn’t be bothered to continue playing the game when reports were saying that Destiny 2 will wipe all our characters and everything. Plus the game was just lackluster in general, it added only a new raid, a few new enemies, strikes and some boring as hell story missions. The only bright side is that they’ve brought back the Gjallarhorn and Icebreaker, but the latter is locked behind a turned in bounty RNG. Not that RNG being horrible in Destiny is anything new. Destiny 2 really needs to fix everything with the game before I’ll continue to bother spending any more time than is needed to knock out a review. Taken King was a step in the right direction, while Rise of Iron was four steps back.

Mighty No. 9: From the creator of Mega Man, this had great promise. It turned out to be a pile of trash instead, and frankly I feel bad for any who gave money to the Kickstarter.

Star Fox Zero: Nintendo hasn’t been doing so hot in the last decade, which is a pity because leading up to the launch of the Wii, Nintendo had some of the best games on consoles. Star Fox Zero is merely another notch on the failure boat that is Nintendo. I want to care about your games, but if you can’t play games without gimmicky controls, or sub-par graphics and hardware I’m not ever going to be interested.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!

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