Video Game Tuesday: Destiny Daily Log Day 5

Michael Blaker
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This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m continuing my log of my first week in Destiny with Destiny Daily Log Day 5.

Goal of the Day: Try to get the Weekly Heroic Strike done.

Weekly Heroic Strike: You want to be at least level 22, increased level of two Light Levels at the experience cap. This ensures you do the normal amount of damage against enemies and they do the normal amount of damage against you instead of 30% decrease and increase respectively. I found this out the hard way when me and Mike Sacco (of WoW Insider fame) attempted to do this with another friend of his. We got our butts kicked by the first wave of enemies in The Devil’s Lair in the wave portion of the Strike.

Strike Playlist: Luckily we decided to tackle the level 20 Strike playlist instead and I got to take part against the Cabal on Mars in the area I was trying to find on Day 3. I quickly got the last golden chest for Mars, which sadly only gave me a level 16 Heavy Machine Gun. I’ve put it in my vault for a later character, probably my Warlock.

Gear: I’ve decided to use Hand Cannons as they give me the precision and damage that I want while requiring me to pull the trigger less due to their high Impact values. It really helps and hopefully I won’t wear out my DualShock 4 as quickly. I continued to improve my gear until I got to Light Level 22, and I think I’ve got a good stat priority for Bladedancer Hunters.

Light>Intellect>Discipline>Strength. Light is an obvious one, the more you have the better damage you do, it’s a straight up DPS (Damage Per Second) increase. Intellect allows you to use your Arc Blade more often which is great for when you need some burst damage and Discipline allows you to use your grenade more. I unlocked the last grenade for the Bladedancer sub-class and I really like it. It does a quick 360 degree scan in a medium sized area around where it lands and anything it scans gets hit by Arc Damage lightning for a high amount of damage. It’s perfect for clearing out clumps of enemies when your Arc Blade is down and you can’t use it along with the Showstopper perk to decimate them. Strength is last because of Blink Strike’s situational use, if you can get behind enemies prior to using it, it can cause a great amount of damage with the Backstabber perk. But with no sure fire way of gaining a bosses attention by any class it’s hard to get that damage boost. I’m personally waiting to unlock the perk that lowers Blink Strike’s cooldown and will probably use that. [Update: With that perk, Strength becomes almost useless for PvE as it lowers the cooldown to 5 seconds with no strength at all, having 70% strength only lowers it to 3 seconds.]

Overall: Pleased with what I accomplished in a couple of hours of playtime.  Not as much time as I’d have liked in playing, and I didn’t get the chance to take any good screenshots for today’s post.


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