TNT: I’m Really a Superstar Chapters 161-200 by Chang Yu

Michael Blaker
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This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m covering the fifth set of chapters in Zhang Ye’s rise to stardom! It’s I’m Really a Superstar Chapters 161-200 by Chang Yu!

Plot Synopsis: Having beaten up the son of the leader of the Art Channel, Zhang Ye had been imprisoned by Superintendent Song on trumped up charges despite acting as a Good Samaritan. However with some pointed poems and press coverage Zhang Ye manages to finally be freed…

Plot: This set of chapters really showcases Zhang Ye’s boldness and desire to stand up for the underdog. I won’t say the precise details, but needless to say this set of chapters was very good.

Characters: We get introduced to a few new characters, but my favorites are Yao Jingcai and the Abbot. Yao Jingcai in particular is an excellent side character and isn’t a stuck up jerk.

Overall: If you haven’t been reading this series yet I can’t state enough how much you are missing out on the fun.

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