Retro Game Friday: SimAnt

Michael Blaker
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simant cover art
One of those big, beautiful game boxes of yesteryear. Ants not included.

Hello Game Industry readers! This is my first real post here for this site, and as I do on my own blog, I’ll be looking back at some Retro Games on Fridays.  The reviews are usually not unbiased as I’m going off memory of my time playing the game rather than playing it recently. Therefore please take everything with a bit of salt and enjoy my nostalgia tinted look at the past of gaming.  Games can be as new as the Gamecube generation of consoles for me to classify them as “Retro Games”.

This week I’m covering a game that I barely remember SimAnt, because that’s the point of this column on Fridays!

SimAntONEPlot Synopsis: Wait you were expecting a plot synopsis for a simulation game?

Plot: Stop looking for a plot where there obviously is none!

Gameplay: The gameplay was pretty decent, when I could play on my old original Macintosh computer. My computer was so bad that it took 5 minutes in between each command input to move around! You were an ant and were responsible for raising up your colony and making sure it prospered despite constant invasions or disruptions from things like spiders, other ant colonies, and even Human feet!

Music: Honestly I don’t even remember the music from this game, did it even have music?

SimAntTWOArt: Back in the day I thought this was the bomb, but it really shows it’s age now.

Overall: If you want to have a laugh at what people thought was fun back in the day play this.

For those who like: Sim games, Ants.

Not for those who don’t like: Not having any real game to play or a plot.

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