Bookish Wednesday: Daring by Elliott James

Michael Blaker
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This week for Bookish Wednesday I’m covering the sequel to Charming! It’s Daring by Elliott James!

Plot Synopsis: Something is rotten in the state of Wisconsin. Werewolf packs are being united and absorbed into an army of super soldiers by a mysterious figure who speaks like an angel and fights like a demon.

Plot: The plot is really fast paced and intense and I enjoyed it quite a bit. That being said I do wish it had more of Choo and Molly from the previous book.

Characters: There are some new additions to the cast, my favorite being Matey (probably misspelling this, but that’s the downside to audiobooks). The rest of the new additions were great. Some of the previous cast returns like Sig, but Molly and Choo were mostly absent which was a pity.

Overall: A great sequel and excellent entry in this Urban Fantasy series chock full of myth and lore.


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