Video Game Tuesday: No Man’s Sky is Great

Michael Blaker
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This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m here to tell you something that other’s have said, vehemently at times, isn’t true. It’s that No Man’s Sky is Great!

Really?: Yes if you weren’t expecting it to be everything you wanted and it to be done perfectly. That’s a fairly large caveat, but given the massive size of the game I wasn’t expecting stuff to be perfect, the programming is exquisite, but even still I knew it would have occasional flaws.

Like what?: Stuff like building’s floating in the air over a cliff’s edge (happened to me on my starter planet on my third visit back to my starter system and when I went exploring on my starter planet again). Despite that I was still able to get into said building just fine, I just had to maneuver to the door a bit more than I normally would.

What about crashes?: Well I’ve crashed about 15 times in the 48 hours I’ve played about. It’s not a great number, but given that I habitually open my options menu and then close it quickly when I mean to check my inventories I’m not too upset. That is a known bug, though I think it was patched last week. I can’t confirm that it’s still an issue or not, we’ve been having a fairly bad heat wave the last two weeks and I haven’t been playing as much as I’d like. I also crashed due to being in the same solar system as someone else, we were both following an Atlas path and no I never got to see him as we were racing to name the systems after stopping to grab the next location’s coordinates. He wasn’t even bothering to name them, and I was trying to be helpful and name my systems with the word Atlas in it, he beat me twice as much as I beat him. So when I reconnected back to the servers, it would disconnect occasionally and I’d think I’d gotten ahead and named my system, I’d crash after submitting the name. Since he had actually named the system before me that is the most likely reason I crashed.

What about supposedly missing “feature”?: Well I can personally confirm that there are butterflies, water areas that are more than lakes (I’ve found at least a few dozen water planets with a few islands here and there), and giant creatures. My very first planet has a giant T-Rex looking like monstrosity with a Lobster head. It scared the living bejeezus out of me as I had just climbed up a very large cliff and it whacked me off as it was an aggressive creature. I fell to my death due to lack of jetpack charge, it was my first time.

Needless to say I kill any of those things I see now out of sheer spite whenever I visit my starter planet (which I do frequently). As for Sandworms on Sand Planets I haven’t even tried to get towards the center yet, which supposedly increases the weird creature generation quite a bit, so I’m not sure they exist. They probably do, somewhere out there.

Atlas?: Yes I followed it and yes I went to the end, and I had 10 stones. I didn’t choose the option however, and I left the system after naming every planet. Now I’m trying to find the system again, a fairly annoying venture as I had once again traveled back to my starter system to explore the other planets in the system.

What about destroying space stations?: Well I can confirm that if you continue to shoot the space stations it will send out three fighters to kick your butt, and if you keep firing it will send an additional six out. It’s a very fast way to die, if you wanted to be a cheater and duplicate your items. Hey don’t look at me like that, I was testing that method out for science purposes only, not repeatedly dying to duplicate Atlas Stones to make ridiculous amounts of money. Nope! Not at all.

All in all, I’ve loved No Man’s Sky, it’s been fun to name creatures that will stay there for essentially eternity, or as long as the servers are up, whichever comes first. That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!

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