Bookish Wednesday: The Duty by D. Rus

Michael Blaker
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This week for Bookish Wednesday I’m covering the third entry in the Play to Live series! It’s The Duty by D. Rus!

Plot Synopsis: The invisible umbilical cord connecting AlterWorld to Earth
grows thinner, and even the Fallen One cannot prevent the looming catastrophe.

Plot: Damn does D. Rus end on cliffhangers, Book 02 ended on a real doozy of one, and now Max is in a real pickle. I won’t spoil why, in case someone is too curious for their own good, but needless to say the shit has hit the fan in huge ways. It’s a wonderfully intense plot, with twists and turns even I didn’t see coming.

Characters: We get to see lots of returning favorites, like Xena, the Fallen One and Widowmaker, and we get to meet lots of other newcomers as well. Gimmick is probably my favorite, because he’s like the inner child that resides in all creative people. Oh and the White Winnie is still around, hopefully we’ll see him get his comeuppance soon.

Overall: An increasingly awesome entry in the┬áseries, I’m looking forward to the rest of the series immensely now.

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