TNT: Coiling Dragon Volume 05 by I Eat Tomatos

Michael Blaker
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This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m covering the fifth entry in the Epic Fantasy Xianxia series by I Eat Tomatos!

Plot Synopsis: Linley Baruch, Scion of the once world famous clan of Dragonblood Warriors, has experienced his first romance and heartbreak with Alice. After losing himself to depression and then experiencing enlightenment while carving a sculpture he reached Grandmaster status in Sculpting and the 7th level of Magecraft. He went back to the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts where he encountered a battle between two Saint-Level beasts, one a great bear and the other a fearsome wyrm. Using the wyrms blood he quickened his own Dragonblood Warrior bloodline and became a true Dragonblood Warrior!

Plot: We start right there after Linley barely survives that transformation and the rest of the book is concerned with his return and the aftermath of that return back to his sworn brothers at the Ernst Institute. It’s an emotionally intense book, and while there’s little battle scenes after the last book that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I loved this volume, although I love the entire series.

Characters: We don’t get to meet anyone new really, except Cardinal Guillermo and Lampson who seem to be some great people so far.

Overall: An excellent entry, and further proof that Coiling Dragon matches and equals most Western Fantasies if not outdoes them.

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