The OTHER 1 vs. 100

Before I got involved with Facebook. Before I got involved with Twitter. I had another social network; it was called Xbox Live.

I used Xbox Live almost on a daily basis to keep in touch with my closest friends. Sure there are those who had issues with other people on Live, but only those I consider my friends are those I talk with via my headset or by messaging. Anyone else, I have the luxury to just ignore.

Lately however, I'm suffering through a major problem with Xbox Live, and it came to a head when I joined a web-based gaming community called Sarcastic Gamer. Since joining SG, I've been invited to Xbox Live Parties hosted by them, as well as special gaming nights. The first party I was involved with took place during a 1 vs. 100 Beta.

In addition to my friend Jax (whom I met on Live before and who actually invited me to join SG) I befriended other community members, and started to add them to my Xbox Live friends list.

But when I tried to send them a friend request, I receive the one message I didn't want to see. "Your Xbox Live friends list is full."

That's right, I hit the dreaded cap of 100 friends recently. As a result, I had to go through a tough selection process to decide who I was going to remove from my list, based primarily on when they were last online. But even by going through this, it got complicated. Who was I was going to remove? I didn't want to end up deleting someone I usually play, or would play again.

This week, however, it's going to get much worse. With the start of my Madden Online League, and the next SG Gamernight, which is featuring The Beatles: Rock Band, I might have to do some more drastic cuts.

Sadly I found out the reason for the Xbox Live 100 Friend Cap: Halo 2.

That's right. Because of a five year old Xbox Original game, we are stuck with only having 100 friends at a time. This doesn't make sense. How many people still play Halo 2, especially on the 360? Wouldn't they actually be playing Halo 3? Or even more likely, with Halo 3: ODST coming out in a few weeks, wouldn't they be playing that instead?

We recently have had an update to the New Xbox Experience, and with it there have been some wonderful updates (Netflix party, faster access, more streamlined marketplace.) But we know there is still more coming later this fall.

Sure, adding Facebook and Twitter to Xbox Live is wonderful, but what I want to see more than ever is a raise in the friend cap. Make it at least 250, or even better, 500.

Or better still, make like the PC and have unlimited friends. You never know when you're going to join a gaming group and need to add a ton of friends like I did. Limiting people to 100 just doesn't go far enough anymore! And really, there is no reason for it.

Currently Playing: Beatles: Rock Band (360,) DIRT 2 (360)

Waiting For: Halo 3 ODST (360,) NHL 10 (360)

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