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If real-life pros can, why can't Chris or Sheva?

I knew that when I wrote my review of Resident Evil 5 came out that it was bound to result in some heavy criticism. Many people flat out ripped into me saying that I hated theg ame, which couldn't be any further from the truth. Yes, I had my issues with the game, particularly with its messed up inventory system. Take a listen to Zero Punctuation for instance for someone else who hated the way it was set up compared to RE4. And of course I disliked Sheva when controlled by an AI that actually caused more harm than good.

(Note: If you want to check out the review for yourself, you can do so right here and let us know what you think.)

But despite all that, what got me the most criticism came from a person who claimed he was not a Resident Evil fanboy (which is pretty much opening a can of worms and admitting that you ARE a fanboy.) In his email he went off on my complaints about how when aiming my weapon, Chris (or Sheva, if playing online,) are stuck in place. The line that got me the most was when he asked if I ever fired a gun in real life.

I will admit that I have not fired a gun, so I cannot speak firsthand as to being able to move and shoot at the same time. However, I have friends who fire guns for sport and as a hobby. I spoke with one of these friends, who I will refer to as "Couch Commando," or CC for short.

Here is what CC had to say: Moving and shooting accurately is one of the toughest things I have tried to do. Having said that, I am not a professional, I am a gamer (only with real bullets and no zombies.) I have taught myself to "duck walk." You move your legs as quickly as you can and still keep your upper body still. And there are professionals who can almost sprint and shoot accurately.

Now, back to me, as someone who has played many a shooter, ranging from the true first person shooters such as Call of Duty 4, the more tactical squad based game such as Rainbow Six Vegas, and even in stealth titles such as Metal Gear Solid 4, the duck walk that CC refers to is commonplace. Sure it's harder to get an accurate shot, but that's the way it's done.

Look at counter-terrorist ops. Their objectives are to go in, take out any hostiles, and secure their target in the fastest time possible. Any sign of hesitation would result in failure and possibly the loss of life. Now if Chris or Sheva were in this situation and they had to stop in place and aim their weapon, they would be dead in a matter of seconds, or the hostages would.

Now try taking that scenario and replacing terrorists with a swarm of bloodthirsty Majini running towards you from RE5.

Let me go back to something else that CC told me: The short answer is moving and shooting accurately can be done. The long answer is that Joe average Zombie killer is not going to be able to do it. If the characters in RE5 are special forces or some other elite group, then yes, moving and shooting should be part of the game.

And I will add here that both Chris and Sheva are anti bio-terrorist agents, which sounds pretty elite to me. Bet they had some training, as well as years of experience.

See, even non-video gamers like CC (who prefers his games with real bullets) agrees with me. In my criticism, I felt that the Resident Evil series needed to evolve past a dated gameplay technique. Am I saying that RE5 didn't evolve enough? Of course not. The new perspective taken from RE4 is a great source to build upon, I'm just saying that Chris nor Sheva should not have to stand still to fire their weapons. (And yes, I will say they should stand still when using a rocket launcher, but not a pistol!)

Oh and to Mr. "Non fanboy," I have to ask if you also sent your comments to anyone else who criticized the control scheme? Adam Sessler for instance (and I never thought I'd see the day I'd agree with him on something,) Game Informer, or Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation? Even the Official UK PlayStation and Edge magazines agree with me on the firing mechanics.

So be my guest in sending your comments to them as well.

Lastly, take one more piece of advice from CC: "Save up about $1k and buy yourself an AR15. You need something for when the real zombies show up, and they will."

And when they do show up, let's see how long standing in place while firing said AR15 will last you.

For more insight on being able to shoot while moving, CC also recommends doing a Youtube search for Viking Tactical (VTAC) Zig Zag Rifle Drill. That will get you started into the world of tactical shooting, a fun sport for those who enjoy the art of marksmanship on the move.

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