Money Kills Games (AGAIN!)


Over the last week and a half I learned that in this business nothing is sacred, and some game companie$ really do not $upport their fan$.

It all started with some news that I hoped would never come to reality. When a corporate giant notorious for purchasing IPs and releasing the same product year after year with virtually no innovation buys a smaller company known for creating games that are innovative, simple to play and fun, that no good comes of it.

Yes. I’m talking about Electronic Arts buying PopCap for $650 million.

This purchase scares me a lot. PopCap games are insanely fun. They are fun on the PC, they are fun on consoles, and they are perfect for my iPod and Android phones. Even when they release the rare sequel (such as with the Bejewled series) it has enough new material to make the purchase worthy. Well…not always cough Bejeweled Blitz Live cough.

But now, as a subsidiary of EA, I fear that any ideas of innovation will be long forgotten. Could we be seeing annual releases of all of PopCap’s well known franchises? Bookworm 12? Bejeweled 7? Or dare I say, Plants vs. Zombies 14? These are games where they should definitely stand by the quality over quantity mantra. Please PopCap, don’t let EA ruin your reputation.

Despite this, it cannot be as bad as another company that is known for quickly releasing full-priced updates to a game and make it a full retail purchase as opposed to DLC. That company is Capcom, the masters of franchise milking.

Look at what they did with their Street Fighter franchise. When I had my Genesis, I ended up having to purchase SF II Special Champion Edition, and then shortly after Super Street Fighter II. It was worse for Super Nintendo owners, as they had to go buy a third game to keep updated. DLC helped to remedy the issue a bit, but still, when Super Street Fighter IV was released last year it was made a retail purchase, albeit being a third of the price. Still, if you wanted to get all the costumes for all of the characters, you had to buy them in addition to the game.

At least when Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition was released, gamers had the choice of buying the full retail disc or just the Arcade Mode DLC. Maybe there is hope that Capcom could be changing their ways, right?

I think as usual Lex Luthor would say it best…WROOOOOOOOOOONG!

Ironic I use a DC villain to once again criticize Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. I know I’ve already ripped the game apart for its bare bones package, limited roster, only 2 DLC characters, pitiful endings, butchered controls, and lack of a spectator mode. With seeing this I knew there was going to be a later version that would be what everyone wanted, and with Comic-Con starting, I was not disappointed.

Enter Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. We now have twelve new characters (Firebrand, Strider Hiryu, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Nemesis, Nova, Phoenix Wright, Rocket Raccoon, Vergin, Dr. Strange, and the previously canned Frank West. It will also feature eight new stages and a much requested Spectator Mode (obviously because they realized that bouncing Gamer Cards are no match for what Mortal Kombat 9 provided.) Still, any attempt by Capcom to steal another $40 from our pockets is ok by them.

But they won’t get it from me. Capcom might love their fan$, but I won’t be giving them $40 for a game addition where the core title was bad. But then again, if they ever added what I wanted first and foremost, and that’s the return to the MVC2 control scheme, then maybe I could give them a second chance.

I doubt it will happen though.

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