Fresh Look Celebrates Total War: Star Wars Rumors

Anyone in my personal orbit knows how much I enjoy strategy games, especially the Total War series. That series has always been an extremely high-quality one, combining strategy with real time battlefield tactics for a really fun experience.

In fact, Total War: Rome was my gateway into the land of strategy games of the turn based, real time strategy hybrid systems. This ignited a love for that genre that allowed me to spend hundreds of hours on games like XCOM, Dynasty Warriors Empires, and other Total War titles. Well, news broke recently, and I need all my fellow strategy nerds to hold on to something for this.

Total War’s developer Creative Assembly is rumored to be working on Total War: Star Wars.

I’m going to be honest with each and every reader here. If I have to take out a loan to buy the deluxe edition of this if it actually is made, I will do it. In addition to being a Total War obsessed player, I am also a Star Wars fan. How much of a Star Wars nerd am I, you ask? I have signed photos of Wedge Antilles (Dennis Lawson) and Jon “Dutch” Vander (Gold Leader, Angus MacInnes). There are people who have more memorabilia, sure, but I am more than a passing fan of the franchise.

It is worth noting that there are only scant details about the supposed Total War: Star Wars right now, but that was all I needed to run to my editor. This rumor has me elated, as there has not been a grand scale Star Wars strategy title since Empire at War. Don’t get me wrong, Empire at War is great, but it’s just… old. The user interface feels dated, and it could use a makeover. If only Creative Assembly would make a Star Wars game, that would make my year.

And it makes sense that the Star Wars universe could be arriving to the Total War series. The series is known for historical settings like ancient Rome and Egypt, but it also expanded to the Warhammer world. Total War: Star Wars would not be too different mechanically-speaking compared with a sci-fi title like Total War: Warhammer.

I’m guessing this new Star Wars entry into the Total War series would likely take place during the Clone Wars. This would make sense as the diversity of the units presents itself to Creative Assembly’s standard fare. If Total War: Star Wars is made, it is going to be interesting to see how Creative Assembly handles the gun-focused units. Sure, they had ranged units like archers or crossbows in previous games, but they were balanced by melee units. I’d be interested to see how the combat would unfold.

Ship combat is the one albatross I am concerned about. I know it obviously wouldn’t be like Star Wars: Squadrons, but I’m worried it would be nonexistent. Empire at War handled it pretty well, although I felt it could have used better control. I’m excited to see how they would handle the planet and base building aspect too. I have always found the turn-based mechanics of Total War titles to be well designed. The feeling you get when you upgrade your city and unlock new buildings is like dopamine for weird people like me.

Honestly, my editor would much prefer a well thought out column about a currently released title. However, the possibility of a Creative Assembly Star Wars game wins every time. In fact, if Total War: Star Wars releases, I will likely be taking a week off of work and giving up sleep. I am curious what others would want/hope/expect from this title. Hopefully, it releases soon because now I’m suddenly sad we don’t have Total War: Star Wars yet.

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