Michael Blaker’s Synth Saturday: Chapters 41-45 of “Hard Enough-Pokemon SI” by Viva01

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back for this week’s Synth Saturday with the eighth set of chapters that centers on someone who is reincarnated as Brock from the Pokemon anime and games, who is left in charge of 9 younger siblings in addition to running the Pewter City Gym. It’s Chapters 41-45 of “Hard Enough-Pokemon SI” by Viva01.

Plot: This chapter starts off with Brock and his family visiting the Pewter City hospital because of a few of his younger siblings caught a cold. Frankly this set of chapters really expands on what a possible world with Pokemon would actually be like.

For example, having various orderlies be assisted by more powerful Pokemon like Machoke who can carry heavy things to help move patients about much more easily. It’s an interesting look at what such a society could be like, and it’s all such wonderful world building that I loved every word.

Characters: We don’t get to meet many new faces in this set of chapters. There are a couple new characters, but I’m fairly certain they’ll be minor characters. Brock is still the standout character in this set of chapters.

Overall: A very solid set of chapters as always.

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