Farewell Chella

Farewell Folks, and Thanks for Reading

Nearly 20 years ago, I joined gameindustry.com and handed in a badly written game review, but our editor, John Breeden, took me on anyway. This website gave me the freedom and opportunities I needed to grow as a games journalist and industry commentator. But now, it’s time to move on to new adventures.

When I first started attending events for GiN, in the early noughties, I was that rarest of things; a woman who wasn’t a booth babe or in PR (a criticism of the industry, not the women in these roles). And I was also a woman of colour. I don’t remember seeing any other women like me in the press room. We still have a way to go, but I know so many more women in games than I did then and it’s inspiring. However, as I write this, Twitter is having a discourse about the size of Tifa’s boobs in the new Final Fantasy VII. Sometimes I think nothing’s changed and I sigh.

Over the years, I’ve interviewed some great people, including Yasuhiro Wada (Harvest Moon), as well as Ian Dallas, who made one of my all time favourite games, What Remains of Edith Finch. But apart from talking to amazing people,  it was here that I chronicled my time as a superhero in City of Heroes. It was here that I lamented the rise and seemingly never ending dominance of the space marine and reliance on war and violence (15 years later and nothing has changed). It was here that I wrote about the games industry’s problem with hyper-sexualised women and lack of representation. It was here that I wished for black hair textures in character gen. It was here that I grew as a writer, so thanks to John and the team for that.

I haven’t spoken about it much, here, but on the sidelines I’ve been making a game. A few years ago I went to a writing for games course. That set me on a path to becoming and indie developer. Over the past three years, I’ve been working on Before I Forget, for our micro-studio 3-Fold Games. As we near the end of development, it’s time for a new stage of my career in games.

So, it is with both sadness and excitement that I announce my departure as your Eurofiles columnist. I am off on a new adventure as junior narrative designer for Ubisoft Massive. To top it off, I’m moving to Sweden to join my new team.

Don’t worry, you can’t get rid of me entirely. I’ll still be co-hosting Argue the Toss, so check in there. And there’s more good news. My amazing podcast co-host, Drew Moffatt is taking over this column. Strap yourself in for his thoughtful and witty takes on games. You’re in very good hands.

Before I go, I must thank anyone who ever read my musings. It means so much that you spared the time to stop by and comment or just consider anything I had to say. It’s been an absolute privilege to have this platform all these years. Thank you.

TLDR: Fare thee well. Exits stage left chased by a bear.

7 thoughts on “Farewell Folks, and Thanks for Reading”

  1. Good luck in your new venture! Thanks for all the enjoyable & thoughtful articles over the years. May you have continued good fortune!

  2. We are really going to miss you around here , but I’m so excited for you about your new opportunities. Best of luck!

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