Worms Revolution Gets Medieval On Your Butt

Team17 is proud to announce the release of Worms Revolution Medieval Tales Pack, the third downloadable content pack for Worms Revolution. Worms Revolution Medieval Tales Pack requires Worms Revolution to play and is now available to download from the Xbox 360 via the Xbox LIVE Arcade Marketplace, PlayStation 3 via the PlayStationNetwork Store and PC via Steam. Tony Bluster-Comb is Don Keystone’s spineless assistant and with his boss in hiding he needs your help to further document the life of Wormius-Fistycuffius. Now’s your chance to do so and become a legendry hero! Storm a series of puzzle-laden castles in these … Continue reading Worms Revolution Gets Medieval On Your Butt

Worms Revolution Developer Diary

The second developer’s diary from Team 17 is here, with programmer Ian Lindsey giving you the scoop on how the terrain and landscapes have been changed in "Worms Revolution". Learn how the new physics system will transform how you interact with obstacles – and make them blow up. Plus details on the new water system. http://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=0LHdgu1Wqaw I love this video. But the movie running in the background is so funny, especially if you have played Worms before, that I cant really concentrate on what the developer is saying. Developers: Team 17 Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Stunt GP Misses the Ramp

Remote control cars are very cool things. When it’s a nice sunny day, you can go outside with them and do everything that you, as an observer, would never do in a real car. It’s this type of fun that publisher Titus, along with developer Team 17, hope to revive in Stunt GP. Unfortunately this is not the case as the game has a list of problems as long as Fat Albert’s grocery list. Stunt GP features seven game modes: Five single player (Arcade, Exhibition, Time Trial, Stunt Challenge, and Championship) and two 2 player (Quick Race, and Tournament.) The … Continue reading Stunt GP Misses the Ramp

For all you MacGyver wannabes: Nightlong is here

Don’t remember MacGyver? The guy that could break out of any situation with the mere everyday items around him? You might want to check into some of the cable rerun networks to find out just how fantastic this guy was. However, if you like to solve problems, and enjoy a good graphic adventure, perhaps Nightlong, Union City Conspiracy is for you! Nightlong was nominated for a GiN Award this year. And although it did not win, the game is nonetheless impressive. Set in the near future, you take on the persona of Joshua Reev, a close personal friend and former … Continue reading For all you MacGyver wannabes: Nightlong is here