A Great Vice for the PC

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is my first venture into the Grand Theft Auto world, but it will not be my last. I started playing GTA: Vice City on the Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) at a friend’s house and on my very first session I was hooked. Several of my larger friends had to come and physically remove me from my seat so that they could play. I knew it was coming out for the PC, and a month or so later at E3 I got my first peek at the PC version, and from that moment on, I could … Continue reading A Great Vice for the PC

It’s Miami Vice 2002

Over the previous weekend, I was treated to perhaps two of the greatest gangster movies of all time: Goodfellas and Scarface. However, both stories are completely different. Where Goodfellas depicts the story of Henry Hill’s rise to power in the Mafia and sudden disappearance into the Witness Protection Program, Scarface’s Tony Montana rises up from a poor Cuban immigrant to a powerful drug lord, ending his reign with a shotgun blast to the back. The same thing will apply to Grand Theft Auto 3, which dealt more with the Goodfellas side of the storyline involving the Leone family and how … Continue reading It’s Miami Vice 2002