Close Combat: The Bloody First Gets October Deployment

Close Combat: The Bloody First is not an ordinary RTS: the action is fast, but you can always pause the game and issue new orders to your troops. This will allow you to recreate complex historical actions; pin down enemy nests with machine guns, flank them with fast infantry, cover your advance with smoke barrages, target the vulnerable side armour of the German Panzers with armour piercing weapons, scout enemy positions and unleash artillery or mortar fire before they see you. Beware of enemy fire: your troops are heroic US infantrymen but they will panic under enemy fire if caught … Continue reading Close Combat: The Bloody First Gets October Deployment

Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach Gameplay Trailer Released

Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach brings you to a dark era of carnage and endless war. There is no peace among the stars: the Imperium of Man is beset on all sides by all kinds of threats. Among them is the Orks, a barbaric and warlike xeno race. One of their fiercest leaders, Grukk Face-Rippa, leads his Red Waaagh! in the Sanctus Reach system. Worlds after worlds fall to billions of Orks, until only one last planet resists the green tide: the Knight World of Alaric Prime. This is where a brave company of Space Wolves makes its stand to defend … Continue reading Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach Gameplay Trailer Released

Pride Of Nations Now Available

Matrix Games and AGEOD are proud to announce the release of the best-selling WWII turn-based historical strategy game Pride of Nations on the Slitherine Group Online Stores. As we announced last month, Pride of Nations was released during AGEOD’s time with Paradox. As starting from 1st March, Paradox Interactive have surrendered their commercial rights to sell any AGEOD game including Pride of Nations, the game is now available for the first time on the Matrix Games and Slitherine Online Stores. This game release is just opening the door to other upcoming AGEOD titles available soon on our stores, like Rise … Continue reading Pride Of Nations Now Available

Shadows DLC Creeps Into Distant Worlds

Matrix Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of the highly anticipated third expansion to the critically acclaimed 4X space strategy game series Distant Worlds: Shadows. Distant Worlds: Shadows adds new gameplay to the Distant Worlds universe and is set in a new era in the Distant Worlds timeline, called the Age of Shadows. In this time, when the planetary civilizations have not yet rediscovered hyperspace travel, factions of space-based pirates with remnants of ancient technologies battle each other to succeed in survival and expansion. They struggle to hold back the rebirth of the space empires from the ashes … Continue reading Shadows DLC Creeps Into Distant Worlds