Gears 3 Biggest Launch of 2011

Xbox 360 exclusive, Gears of War 3 hit shops with all guns blazing and now dominates the UK charts. After two weeks at number one in the UK, Dead Island has finally been usurped, making Gears 3 the biggest launch of 2011. Gears 3 has almost sold more in its first week than Gears 1 and 2 combined did at launch, making it the seventh largest 360 release of all time.With FIFA 12 out this week in the UK, the reign of Gears 3 could be short-lived, but a great feat nonetheless. Publishers: Microsoft Game Studios Developers: Epic Games, Epic … Continue reading Gears 3 Biggest Launch of 2011

Age of Wonders is still somewhat of a question mark

A world of high fantasy and adventure awaits you in the Age of Wonders. You are the supreme ruler of the race of your choice ( Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, High Men, Azracs [desert dwelling humans], Frostlings [cold dwelling goblin like race], Humans, Lizardmen, Dark Elves, Goblins, Orcs or Undead ). Your goal in Age of Wonders is to lead your race to supremacy over the others (your choice of computer and / or Internet opponents ) in this turn-based city centered simulation of the times of wizardry and warriors. Players of the Warlords series will notice a similarity when they … Continue reading Age of Wonders is still somewhat of a question mark

From Wolfenstein 3D to Quake and now -Wow. It’s Unreal.

After I played Unreal for the first time, I took a step back in time and loaded up my old copy of Wolfenstein 3D, from iD, just to remind myself of the changes that have taken place over the last five or six years. And I was impressed. Their have been so many great changes since I started playing this type of game back in college that I don’t even know where to begin. Right off the bat I noticed that this game, unlike almost all its predecessors, has a real plot. Sure Wolfenstein 3d had a plot, kill everything, … Continue reading From Wolfenstein 3D to Quake and now -Wow. It’s Unreal.