Super Toy Cars 2 Driving to PlayStation 4

In January 2016, the first Super Toy Cars was released on the PlayStation 4. It’s sequel, Super Toy Cars 2, will be available for the PS4 on July 23. The new game has improved the handling model, shiny visuals running at 60fps, new cars, new tracks in new and very original locations, new power-ups, a new career mode, and more. The developers have kept what worked from the original, fixed what didn’t and added lots of new content. The game releases soon on PlayStation 4 at a $14.99 price tag. Super Toy Cars 2 is a fast-paced arcade racing game … Continue reading Super Toy Cars 2 Driving to PlayStation 4

Legendary Eleven Brings Arcade Soccer Back

If you love soccer but don’t like the complexity of most sports games, you might enjoy Legendary Eleven and it’s more arcade-like interface. You don’t need fancy controller skills to pull off some legendary maneuvers on this field, which makes Legendary Eleven worth kicking around.

Legendary Eleven Kicking To More Platforms

This old school arcade football (soccer) game from Eclipse Games is going out of Steam Early Access on March the 1st, and will be released on PS4 on March the 29th. Legendary Eleven is an epic arcade football (soccer) game inspired by the golden age of football spanning the 70’s to the 90’s. This is a fresh approach to the beautiful game, with fluid gameplay and unique mechanics. Develop astonishing plays and keep the possession of the ball to perform unstoppable Super Shots. Gamble with sliding tackles to steal the ball without the referee whistling for a foul. Trust in … Continue reading Legendary Eleven Kicking To More Platforms

Eclipse Games Gives Spheroids January Release Date

Do you remember Pang! (or Buster Bros.) from the old arcade days? We certainly have fond memories from those days and that game. Didn’t you ever wished someone mixed that game with proper platforming mechanics? No? Odd, we do. We probably better say, we did, since we decided to take the matter into our own hands and build a game with that premise. The result: Spheroids. In Spheroids you take control of Lucas, a jumpy Canadian boy who sets out on an adventure with his crazy scientist companion Otto after it’s discovered that the government has been hiding alternative universes … Continue reading Eclipse Games Gives Spheroids January Release Date

Playing Around With Super Toy Cars

Everyone probably used to race toy cars around their bedrooms when they were little. Super Toy Cars takes that concept and makes it real, bringing every kid’s imaginary raceways to life. Is that enough to help Super Toy Cars capture the checkered flag? Jump to the starting line and find out.