Documentary Film About Classic Lemmings Game Releasing

A new documentary that shines a light on the iconic video game Lemmings will premiere for free on YouTube on Monday, February 14th at 12pm GMT and subsequently be available for free on-demand, following on from its gala screening at Dundee Contemporary Arts theatre in December. Lemmings, which in 2021 celebrated its 30th birthday, is part of the Britsoft establishment. Originally developed by DMA Design in Dundee (which went on to create the Grand Theft Auto franchise), it was first published for the Commodore Amiga by Liverpool-based Psygnosis on February 14th 1991 and has made its way to many other … Continue reading Documentary Film About Classic Lemmings Game Releasing

Shenmue meets the Sopranos

Now that I have completely backed out of my support of Sega (sorry Peter, your apology letter didn’t help either!), I had to look elsewhere to find a title to make up for a decent replacement for Shenmue 2. Never did I realize that it was right in front of me all along. When I first got into Grand Theft Auto 3, I was immediately impressed with the complete freedom I had over the entire environment; even more so than I was when I played Shenmue last year. Granted my freedom was slightly limited by the storyline before, but it … Continue reading Shenmue meets the Sopranos