Arma 3 Contact Sci-fi Spin-off Expansion Deploys

What if humanity suddenly encounters extraterrestrial intelligence on Earth? Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce today’s worldwide release of the much-anticipated Arma 3 Contact spin-off expansion for its military simulation game, Arma 3. The new expansion is introduced in a launch trailer. Declassified just a few weeks ago, Arma 3 Contact delivers a military science fiction singleplayer campaign, in which you play as a NATO drone operator deployed to the (fictional) Eastern European country of Livonia. After the discovery of an unknown subsurface object and the sudden arrival of a massive alien vessel, you are sent out on a reconnaissance … Continue reading Arma 3 Contact Sci-fi Spin-off Expansion Deploys

Arma 3 Laws of War DLC Raises $176,667 for Charity

As pledged last August, independent games developer Bohemia Interactive has donated half of its 2017 net revenue from direct sales of the Arma 3 Laws of War DLC to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The total amount raised is USD 176,667 (one-hundred and seventy-six thousand, six-hundred and sixty-seven US dollars – approximately EUR 143,543 or GBP 126,016). To further celebrate the special occasion, the studio published a special blog post, which includes a newstory trailer for the DLC, plus an infographic with statistics on how people played Laws of War’s mini-campaign. “With over two billion gamers worldwide, … Continue reading Arma 3 Laws of War DLC Raises $176,667 for Charity

Bohemia Interactive Reveals Project Lucie Experimental VR Title

Bohemia Interactive today announced Project Lucie, an experimental VR puzzle game for Oculus Rift, which is also playable with classic mouse and keyboard controls. Project Lucie is the latest free addition to Bohemia Incubator, a label for experimental games that are made available to the public. The launch follows the graduation of another Incubator title, Ylands, which entered Steam Early Access last week. In Project Lucie, players take on the role of Lucie, an 8 year old kid with a big imagination, and follow her story by completing puzzles that come to life! Beyond Lucie’s story, an Editor mode invites … Continue reading Bohemia Interactive Reveals Project Lucie Experimental VR Title

Flashpoint Explodes Standard War Games

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis is one of the most realistic war simulations I have ever played. At times this can be both wonderful and frustrating at the same time. You start out in the campaign mode as a single infantry soldier. You are confused as to what is happening and so are the rest of the men, as evidenced by the different cut scenes where you and your buddies get to talk. You get to do everything from being part of a massive infantry attack on a town, to running in full retreat when you are obviously overwhelmed, to … Continue reading Flashpoint Explodes Standard War Games