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No topic is off limits for The GiN Lounge. Our popular weekly podcasts tackle all types of gaming and industry issues. So have a listen!

Breaking down the Game of the Year Nominations

Since 1997, has allowed the people to pick the games of the year. And we like it that way! Some of our editors may not always agree on every pick, but we love letting folks have a voice in supporting the games that they love. We break down some of the more interesting nominations this week in the Lounge, and look forward to the final picks.

Digging Into Mass Effect 4 Rumors

Like the infamous Mako (which is reportedly making a return) rumors are flying about what is going into Mass Effect 4. We take everything with a grain of salt, but then go ahead and discuss each one this week in the lounge. What part of ME4 are you most looking forward to seeing? It looks like there will be a lot to love.

Going Undercover As A Female Gamer

For the past two months, Michael Blaker has been working undercover. He posed as a female gamer to find out if all the talk about women players being mistreated in games was true. Come learn how he did it, and some of the surprising things he learned in the GiN Lounge this week.

Analyzing the Games of the Year

With the GiN Games of the Year awards complete for 2014, the inevitable controversy over who won what can begin. Did the best games win? That, as always with the games of the year contest, is open for interpretation. But come on, that’s what makes the whole thing so much fun.

Taming Those DLC Monsters

Downloaded content for games, or DLC, can be a great way to extend the gameplay beyond what is originally offered for those who love the game. But these days, there is quite a lot of crappy DLC, day one DLC that should be part of the main game, or inconsequential items that aren’t worth the money. How can we tame those DLC beasts?