Breaking down the Game of the Year Nominations

Since 1997, has allowed the people to pick the games of the year. And we like it that way! Some of our editors may not always agree on every pick, but we love letting folks have a voice in supporting the games that they love.

The nominations are in for 2015 and there may still be time to cast your vote for the game of the year if you have not yet done so. While we wait for the votes to roll in, Billy White and John Breeden break down the nominees and focus on some of the more interesting choices that have been made this year so far.

May the best games win. Good luck to everyone with a nominated game!

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3 thoughts on “Breaking down the Game of the Year Nominations”

  1. I’m strictly a console gamer. I don’t want to concern myself with “specs” to get a game to play; plus I never could use mouse/keyboard setup well. I can only afford one console so I pick it based on past experiences with the company & personal preference.

    All that said, I’m not a fan of exclusives. I like when I can play & talk about a game that I really enjoy with others regardless of their platform of choice. I don’t need exclusives to justify my purchase – I don’t need to justify my purchase at all. I buy what I want – if, in the long run, I feel I made a mistake I just suck it up & move on. (Much like when I chose to purchase a Samsung tv instead of a Bravia because of the price difference. The Samsung didn’t last 8 years – they won’t get my money again.)

  2. I completely understand not wanting to dive into PC gaming because you don’t want to mess with building a rig and making sure everything works on it. It can be a daunting task that only gets harder if you’ve never built your own computer. However, as one gamer speaking to another gamer, I feel like it’s my duty to mention that you’re missing out on some really solid indie titles. Many of them are so low spec that just about any computer can play them. There’s especially a lot of classic-styled RPGs floating around on Steam. If indie games don’t interest you or it still seems like too much of a hassle, feel free to just ignore me :)

  3. Thanks for the info. I enjoy indies as well as AAA games – just wait for them to make it to console. I know I’m missing out on the PC only titles, but I learned to accept that I can’t read/watch/play everything so I’m ok with it. :)

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