Ravenloft Creeps into Neverwinter MMO

The Land of Barovia Beckons Adventurers Beyond the Forgotten Realms and into the Dominion of Vampire Strahd Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of free-to-play MMORPGs, and Cryptic Studios announced Neverwinter: Ravenloft. The game’s 14th module transports PC adventurers to the gothic horror setting of Barovia starting June 26 (arriving later on consoles). The iconic campaign is a departure for Neverwinter and brings unique gameplay features that tie in to the dark domain of Ravenloft. The latest module for the free-to-play MMORPG set in the Forgotten Realms (and beyond) offers an all-new Campaign, the Adventure Zone of Barovia, Tarokka … Continue reading Ravenloft Creeps into Neverwinter MMO

Agony Gets May Release Date, New Trailer

Agony is set for release on May 29 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game has been controversial with its portraial of Hell and demonic possession, but easily met it’s Kickstarter goal. It may be one of the most anticipated horror games this year. Agony features a full-fledged story mode as well as an open challenge system that randomly generates levels for players to explore and survive to gain new high scores. In addition to featuring in countless “Most anticipated Horror Games 2018” lists, the Kickstarter financed title is set to challenge players with its brutal and … Continue reading Agony Gets May Release Date, New Trailer

Bungie Brings Warmind Expansion to Destiny 2

Bungie, Vicarious Visions and Activision, a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI), announced today that Destiny 2 Expansion II: Warmind is now available for download on PlayStation 4, the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, and PC. The PC version of the expansion is available exclusively on Battle.net, Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed online-gaming platform. Destiny 2 Expansion II: Warmind marks the second official expansion to the award-winning Destiny 2, and sequel to the critically acclaimed Destiny videogame. Warmind includes new gear, deeper endgame content, activities, an all-new story, and features an epic new boss battle … Continue reading Bungie Brings Warmind Expansion to Destiny 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets Amazing Third Trailer

America, 1899. The end of the wild west era has begun as lawmen hunt down the last remaining outlaw gangs. Those who will not surrender or succumb are killed. After a robbery goes badly wrong in the western town of Blackwater, Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang are forced to flee. With federal agents and the best bounty hunters in the nation massing on their heels, the gang must rob, steal and fight their way across the rugged heartland of America in order to survive. As deepening internal divisions threaten to tear the gang apart, Arthur must make … Continue reading Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets Amazing Third Trailer

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