SMARTguard Launches Kids Protect Tool


SMARTguard Software’ announces WallFly’, the first software tool to help parents protect their children from playing computer games that contain violent or sexual content. WallFly enables parents to restrict certain PC games from running and to set limits on game-playing time for their kids.

Utilizing the industry-standard Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) database of game ratings and content descriptors, WallFly provides parents with information about the content of each game installed on their personal computer, indicating whether it contains violence, sex, or other areas of concern to families. Using WallFly, parents create individual profiles for each child, including age, maturity level and allowed content. Each video game is checked against this profile, and only appropriate games are allowed to run for each child. WallFly easily protects children from accessing violence and other game content that parents decide is only appropriate for older siblings or other members of the family.

"We support any tool that helps parents understand and make effective use of the ESRB ratings," said Patricia Vance, president of the ESRB. "While most parents are aware of and use the ratings when buying computer and video games, WallFly provides an additional easy to use resource once they get home to ensure that their children are playing the games that they have determined are appropriate."

WallFly’s parental game policies are always active. SMARTguard's game and ratings database is regularly updated automatically to monitor new games as soon as they are released. WallFly effectively protects children even if parents are unaware of what games are on the computer, or if their child installs a new game.

With WallFly, parents can also set limits on when and for how long children may use the computer or play computer games. Computer or game access can be restricted during study time, mealtime or bedtime.

"Kids' access to violent content in video games has become a serious issue in our society," said Dr. Jerald Block, founder of SMARTguard Software. "WallFly empowers parents to better manage their children's computer use."


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