Shock Tactics Storms To PC


Berlin indie studio Point Blank Games are proud to announce that Shock Tactics will be released on PC, April 11th, 2017. The game combines fast-paced tactical combat with exploration elements and intricate squad management. Shock Tactics comes with a complex cover system, where it is crucial to use the terrain to your advantage. Position yourself above the enemy and strike both swiftly and decisively in action-packed strategic battles.

You are the leader of a small vanguard of space pioneers, on a mission to scout a newly discovered planet. On Hephæst, you must try to harness unexplored alien technology to withstand the relentless attacks of the powerful Imperial Consortium, pirates and aliens. A thrilling race against time unfolds, as players have to quickly secure excavations on the procedurally generated world map and ensure their technological edge in the war over Hephæst.

Shock Tactics will be available for 19.95€ on Windows PC as digital download on Steam, and physically in stores worldwide in cooperation with EuroVideo.


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