Life is Strange episode 3

Life is Strange Episode 3 Release Date


DontNod Entertainment has just announced that

Life is Strange episode 3 cover
Life is Strange Episode 3 – Chaos Theory

Life is Strange Episode 3 will be released on 19 May. The new instalment in the supernatural mystery is called Chaos Theory and sees the search for Rachel Amber step up a gear.

Along with the release date, DontNod released a screenshot of Max and Chloe, apparently attempting to break into the principal’s office. They clearly think Principal Wells has something to hide, as the plot thickens.

Episode 2 ended on a major cliff-hanger, as some decisions came back to haunt players.

Life is Strange is a narrative led adventure game, with a hint of Donnie Darko. So far, it’s high school setting has thrown a string of interesting characters into the mix and episode 2 saw some of those storylines deepen, so fans will be looking forward to the next instalment.The dialogue goes off-kilter now and again, but the game features some tight plotting.

You can check out our reviews of Episode 1 and Episode 2, before deciding whether to jump in.

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