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A Kitty Dreams of Wasting Time

Welcome Time Wasters! This week it was hard to get much of anything in terms of gaming done because I was too distracted by E3. I’m a Wii U owner and I’m definitely excited for almost everything Nintendo announced. Maybe this E3 will be the proof that some people needed to know that the Wii U isn’t going to fail. Either way, I’m getting off track. This week I played a small browser-based game titled A Kitty Dream. As the name implies, the game takes place inside the dream of a kitty that then goes to sleep in its own dream […]


Running Around with Ram Time!

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I decided to get my time waster fix from my internet browser. This led to me scouring the internet in search of something to play. What I found was Ram Time! Ram Time! is a side-scrolling game that has the player controlling three knights and a wizard as they carry a ram through castle, houses and anything else that gets in the way. The main point of the game is to destroy as much as possible to gain a high score without getting killed. Players can level up their ram team by smashing into houses […]


8-Bit Boy Revisited

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I’m looking at 8-Bit Boy, again. That’s right. For the second week in a row I’m looking back at a new version of a game I’ve already reviewed (Check that review out here.). I first reviewed 8-Bit Boy back in 2012, but the developer claims that the game is 75% different from what it was before. Let’s find out if this is true. In my original review of 8-Bit Boy, I cited the lengthy opening sequence for a simple story as a con to the game. This hasn’t changed in the new version of the […]


Croixleur Makes a Return with Sigma

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I sat down and played an upgraded version of a Time Waster that I’ve previously reviewed. This game is Croixleur Sigma. The original version of this game was just called Croixleur and it had a lot of problems. My review for it can be read here. Starting out, I want to talk about Croixleur Sigma’s story. The basic idea behind the game is that you play as two girls that are in an academy for sword sorceresses. The girls come from two different sororities in the school and are looking to beat each other out in an effort […]


How to Learn to Fly Idle

Welcome Time Wasters! This week was fairly busy for me and I didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a Time Waste (I did make time to see the new Godzilla and I was disappointed by how little screen time the title creature got). Normally, I like to sit down and give a game my full attention, but I just couldn’t do that this time around. My solution to this was to find a game that I could play while doing other stuff, and I might have found the perfect game for that, sort of. That game is […]


RunBot is a Win for Mobile Gamers

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I turned to my phone to find a game to pass my time with. At first I downloaded Wind-up Knight 2, but unfortunately the game glitched out really bad on me to the point it was unplayable. I’m going to try downloading it again and maybe it will be the Time Waster next week. Luckily, I did find a replacement in RunBot. RunBot is a free-to-play game that is part of the endless running genre. I’ve reviewed games from this genre in the past, such as Subway Surfers, and have found that it takes a really […]


Puzzle Legends is a Treat for the Mind

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I searched around the internet until I discovered a game called Puzzle Legends. For those wondering, I am still playing Earthbound, but I’ve also now started playing Final Fantasy on my PSP. Puzzle Legends is a top down game that puts players in the shoes of an adventurer travelling through a tower of puzzles. The controls in Puzzle Legends are really simple. Players move the adventurer around with the arrow keys and switches and such are activated with “X”. The puzzles in Puzzle Legends are really fun and can take a good bit of thinking to […]


Dig to China? Why Not?

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I had a hard time pulling myself away from other games to find a Time Waster. Those who have read my reviews and heard me in podcasts know that I love retro games and RPGs. That being said, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I lost myself in Earthbound this week. Yes, I have played through the game before, but that was several years ago and I’d forgotten just how easily that game pulls me in. I did however manage to excavate the internet in an endeavor to find a game to spend […]


Crazy for Crazy Machines

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I didn’t have to look around for a Time Waster. Instead, John sent me a review copy of Crazy Machines: Golden Gears. I’ve never played any of the Crazy Machines games prior to this, but I know others here at GiN have enjoyed them. For those already thinking it; Yes, GiN has reviewed Crazy Machines: Golden Gears in the past. This release of Golden Gears came out for iOS and Android devices last year and our reviewer gave it 4 GiN Gems. Being new to the Crazy Machines series means that I’m not going to […]