Chella Ramanan, European Correspondent

Chella Ramanan Chella hails from the UK and joined around the year 2000. It was so many moons ago, she can't quite remember. Back then, the only women you saw in the games industry were in bikinis and vertiginous heels at trade shows - oh how times have changed, kind of. Chella started as a humble reviewer, but soon became our European Correspondent and keeps us on top of industry happenings across the Pond. She tends to like the weird Japanese games we've never heard of, so that's good for making us look all-encompassing and stuff. Chella does like games, so don't be fooled by the copious amount of columns devoted to bemoaning the lack of variety in the industry. When she's not surfing (the sea, not the internet) or camping up mountains, Chella likes a good action RPG (especially if it's sci-fi), anything with a good narrative and like we said, the weirder the better. She's also a regular in the GiN Lounge, but that's just because we like her accent.

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2014 has to be one of the strangest years I’ve seen, over my career in the games industry. ┬áIt was the first year of the next generation consoles, so it should have been all about the positive. Alas, a vocal minority ensured it wasn’t to be. Despite some crashing lows, there were some high points to celebrate. Read on and I’ll give you a rip-roaring overview of the gaming year that was 2014. The Lows: Watch Dogs Watch Dogs had been on my most anticipated list for what seemed like years. But the longer it took to come out, the … Continue reading Gaming highs and lows of 2014