Chella Ramanan, European Correspondent

Chella Ramanan Chella hails from the UK and joined around the year 2000. It was so many moons ago, she can't quite remember. Back then, the only women you saw in the games industry were in bikinis and vertiginous heels at trade shows - oh how times have changed, kind of. Chella started as a humble reviewer, but soon became our European Correspondent and keeps us on top of industry happenings across the Pond. She tends to like the weird Japanese games we've never heard of, so that's good for making us look all-encompassing and stuff. Chella does like games, so don't be fooled by the copious amount of columns devoted to bemoaning the lack of variety in the industry. When she's not surfing (the sea, not the internet) or camping up mountains, Chella likes a good action RPG (especially if it's sci-fi), anything with a good narrative and like we said, the weirder the better. She's also a regular in the GiN Lounge, but that's just because we like her accent.

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New No Man’s Sky Gameplay Trailer

Hello Games revealed a new No Man’s Sky gameplay video at The Game Awards, on Friday – hence the whooping crowd noises. The video shows ships landing and taking off from gorgeous, multi-coloured planets populated by alien flora and fora, which we’re told are all procedurally generated. No Man’s Sky wowed everyone, when it was revealed earlier this year and seems to be living up to the hype, so far. The more we see, here at GiN HQ, the more we want to play it. The sci-fi game boasts millions of procedurally generated planets, each with their own plants, animals […]


New Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay Footage

Today, Warner Bros Interactive unveils new gameplay footage of Rocksteady’s upcoming Batman Arkham Knight. The new video shows the Batmobile in action, plus the new  Fear Takedown move. One nifty trick, sees Batman hop into the Batmobile in mid-flight, in this action-packed gameplay footage. Batman’s suit looks like it’s got more hardware than ever, as Arkham Knight packs in the special moves and combat abilities. This video is the first of three showing Batman infiltrating Ace Chemicals and taking a whole world of pain to Arkham’s villains. Part two is coming on 1 December. Meanwhile take a look at this sneak […]

Monument Valley is charming and beautiful.

Monument Valley and Why the Best Things Aren’t Free

Last week was all about Monument Valley, for me. I first found it on a fellow gamer’s Pinterest board and promptly added it to my ‘must play’ list. Then it was nominated in the Time best looking games of the year list and I thought ‘there’s that game again’. But before I could buy it, Monument Valley hit the headlines again, because it was bombarded with one-star reviews from gamers who took exception to paying for the expansion. I coughed up some cash and played Monument Valley over the weekend to see if it was worth it. First, let me […]


Good Gaming News Round-up

With the holiday season approaching, game companies are putting out some pretty cool products that fall into the wacky yet cool category. In fact, taken as a whole, the past couple weeks have been filled with good gaming news. So grab a mug of hot chocolate and curl up with some fine headlines rounded up for your pleasure by Chella.


Live-action Series Halo Nightfall Trailer Released

Microsoft is giving Halo fans a first look at the live-action series, Halo Nightfall, due to hit Xbox Live in November. A trailer launched today, with Agent Locke, the central character, front and centre. Halo Nightfall will be released on Xbox Live, exclusively, starting next month. The series comes as part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection and will be aired episodically, after the game’s 11 November release. The video blurb describes the series as giving an “insight into the origin and backstory of legendary manhunter, Agent Locke”. It goes on to state that Locke is a “pivotal new character in […]