Billy White, GiN Staff

Billy White Billy White writes the weekly Time Waster review for GiN. As you might expect, this makes him the embodiment of procrastination at GiN, which works out perfectly since his job is to find fun ways to waste time. Billy came up with the idea behind GiN's Weekly Time Waster when he realized that a lot of great but smaller games don't get the attention they deserve. It helps that he spends a lot of his free time spelunking the Internet for the best browser based games. When not "wasting time" Billy likes to delve into the world of RPG's, and it doesn't matter what type of RPG it is. From Elder Scrolls to Final Fantasy and all the way to tabletop RPG's, Billy loves them all. To go along with this, he loudly proclaims to anyone who will listen that Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross are the two best games to ever exist and hopes that one day his write-in campaign will convince Square Enix to revisit the series.

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Taking Over a Kingdom in MURDER!

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I didn’t have any Steam or smartphone games lined up for review and instead had to dig around to find an appropriate time waster to share with all of you. The game I found was MURDER. The story of MURDER is really simple. Players are put in the role of an assassin that it out to kill a king and take his place. However, after their job is done, the assassin must fend off other assassins that would kill him and take over his role as king. The gameplay in MURDER is really simple. Players […]


Gunslingin’ Through Boot Hill Heroes

Welcome Time Wasters! Alright, this was actually supposed to be last week’s time waster, but I ended up delaying it due to the release of The Last Door episode 5. It just seemed like a good idea to do a spooky game for Halloween. However, now that that’s all said and done, I’m really excited to talk about Boot Hill Heroes! Boot Hill Heroes an RPG that takes several elements from some of my favorite games in the genre and mixes them together. It has obvious inspiration from Chrono Trigger, Earthbound and the Final Fantasy series. The story of Boot […]


The Last Door Is Open Again

Welcome Time Wasters! My intentions weren’t to bring you a review of The Last Door Season Two Episode One: The Playwright today, but I couldn’t help myself. The game just released on Halloween, which is very fitting, and I had no qualms about delaying what was supposed to be this week’s Time Waster for it. As loyal readers likely know at this point, I’ve been covering The Last Door series since it was first released over a year ago. It actually feels like its been longer, but I attribute this to anticipation while waiting for the new episodes. My past reviews show […]

The Game Kitchen Launches “The Playwright” Second Season Premiere of “The Last Door”

Independent game company “The Game Kitchen” is excited to announce the final release the second season premiere of “The Last Door”, an episodic point-and-click horror adventure game featuring stylish pixel-­art graphics and a foreboding orchestral soundtrack.   This new episode, titled as “The Playwright”, stands for the first installment of the second season and opens a new narrative cycle in “The Last Door” plot.  In this new and highly anticipated continuation of “The Last Door” series, new and intriguing mysteries are back, featuring new playable characters and many technical enhancements.  In this new episode, the intriguing story keeps on unfolding […]


Hiding in Prop Hunt Mobile

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I fell back to my phone for my time wasting needs and I discovered a mobile version of an immensely entertaining PC game: Prop Hunt. Well, it’s more of a mod than an actual game. Prop Hunt Mobile is exactly what it sounds like; a mobile version of Prop Hunt for the PC. For those who don’t know, Prop Hunt is a game in Gmod that has players split into two teams to try and outsmart each other. The first team plays as props. They are given 20 seconds to hide from the other team. […]


Surviving Zombies in Metal Dead

Welcome Time Wasters! So I was browsing around on Steam a couple of weeks ago when I ran across a game titled Metal Dead. Being the zombie fan that I am, I gave it a look and determined I’d probably find it interesting. I wasn’t wrong. Metal Dead puts players in the role of a metal head trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse. It has a great sense of humor and I found myself laughing a lot more than I expected to while playing a game about zombies. Heck, the game even had Alia (My wife. She does the […]


Running Through The Sacred Tears TRUE

Welcome Time Wasters! This week (actually, for the past couple of weeks) I’ve been playing through an indie JRPG on Steam titled The Sacred Tears TRUE. I don’t think I need to tell anyone of my love for RPGs, but there it is in case it isn’t known. The Sacred Tears TRUE is a game that puts players in the role of an amateur thief trying to make a name for himself. He rolls around with a female mage as they both take on jobs from the thieves guild. This is idea is all fine and dandy and could have been […]

The Last Door Episode 5 Beta is Now Available

The Game Kitchen announces availability of beta version of “The Playwright”, fifth chapter and second season premiere of The Last Door. Prior to the official and final launch of the new season premiere, the spanish indie studio has released its beta version to be reviewed first by their premium community members as well as to encourage them in collaborating to shape the new episode’s final touches. Spain – October 10th, 2014. The Game Kitchen officially announces the imminent launch of the fifth episode, and second season premiere, of “The Last Door” saga titled as “The Playwright”. The final version release […]