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Stickfight Archer

Welcome Time Wasters!

Let me hit you with a quick life update before we talk about Stickfight Archer. Alia and I celebrated eight years of marriage on Monday. Being the gamers that we are we went out and bought a bunch of PS2 games to expand our collection. Due to that, I’ve been putting lots of time into the treasure that is Armored Core 3 this week. Seriously From Software, revisit this series. There’s a lack of mecha customizing games on the market right now that have that perfect arcade/simulation blend that the AC games offer. I want more!

Stickfight Archer Alright. Enough of that. Let’s actually do what we came here to do. Stickfight Archer is a mobile game that has players taking out enemies at a distance to progress. This is in the form of individual levels that have a preset amount of enemies that drop in. There are also boss fights along the way and the occasional gimmick to mix up the gameplay.

Stickfight Archer is easy to control. Players just have to touch their screen and pull back to aim and shoot arrows. The game rewards good aiming with more damage for headshots, but it isn’t necessary. The spray and pray method works just as well. Either way, the touch controls do work well with this game. Super moves also exist to make quick work of large groups of enemy archers.

The purpose of Stickfight Archer is collecting currency to spend in the shop. This can net the player new equipment, such as bows and armor. These can also be upgraded for better stats, which allow for further progression in the game. It’s a decent enough gameplay loop for a mobile game.

Stickfight ArcherOf course, Stickfight Archer isn’t perfect. There are more than a few ads in the game and glitches are present. The most annoying of these is one that causes levels to not finish, even after all enemies are dead. Even quitting and retrying doesn’t fix it all the time. The best option is to completely close down the game and open it back up, but at that point, the loop is broken and I don’t often feel like jumping right back in.

The rest of Stickfight Archer is a solid enough presentation. The graphics in the game work well, as does the audio. Neither of these will blow players away, but they work for a mobile game.

Overall, Stickfight Archer isn’t a bad way to kill some time. There are definitely better options out there, but this can easily scratch that bowman itch players have.

Stickfight Archer earns 3 GiN Gems out of 5!

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