Conquering the World of Refreshment

Todd continues his adventures inside Fallout 4’s Nuka World DLC with a grand tour of the brewery. He would probably enjoy the World of Refreshment a whole lot better if the place wasn’t so lousy with deadly Nuka Lurks hopped up on Nuka Cola!

Well that didn’t go so well. Wonder why Todd does not have a combat shotgun? Anyway, his vacation continues with a trip inside the place where the delicious treat is made, but instead of Nuka Lurks, he’s assaulted by Assaultrons!

Finally, it’s time to yell “Get away from my Nuka Cola Quantum you B#@%&!” as he confronts a former crab that dosed up on Quantum instead of the normal cola, with predictable results.

Looks like Todd is having quite a vacation!

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