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Welcome Time Wasters!

It may still be a couple of days until Christmas, but I didn’t figure I should let that get in the way of playing a Christmas-themed game. I could of went out in search of a great game with a special meaning about Christmas, but instead I went with The Impossible Quizmas.

If any of you remember browsing around Newgrounds 10 years ago, you might remember The Impossible Quiz. It was a prime example of quiz games back in that era that required more memorization than actually knowing the questions. Still, it left its mark and now we can celebrate the Christmas season with The Impossible Quizmas.

The Impossible Quizmas
I’ll take B. Final answer.

Just like its predecessor, The Impossible Quizmas is all about trying to answer a series of questions to reach the end of the Quiz. However, most of these questions don’t have obvious answers to them. Players will definitely end up running out of lives and having to start over again from the beginning. If trial and error isn’t the type of gameplay you enjoy, then feel free to stop reading at this point. There’s really just nothing here for you.

Those that are able to tolerate random quiz games like this will be familiar with the setup. Luckily for them, The Impossible Quizmas stays true to the series by not just asking questions, but also including small minigames for players to complete. These can be simple enough at times, but often act as a puzzle for the player to solve. There’s also a time limit on some of these and the questions to give players an extra reason not to dilly dally.

The Impossible Quizmas is one of those games that will frustrate players, but its name should have been a hint. Sure, the game can be beat, but it will require patience. Those that are having trouble can keep and eye out for Skips. These allow the player to skip certain questions or minigames that might be giving them a tough time. There are a total of five in the game. Two of them are given to the player for answering questions. The other are hidden.

The Impossible Quizmas
Uh, what?

The main goal of The Impossible Quizmas is to complete the quiz and unlock presents. Well, that’s what the game says the main goal is. For me, I just prefer to answer all the questions, solve the puzzles and complete the minigames. Still, those that want a little more can search out the extra hidden present in the game.

There’s not a whole lot to talk about when it comes to the graphics in The Impossible Quizmas. It’s festive for sure, and there’s obviously care in its design, but you can only say so much about text on a background. Still, the additional bits from the minigames do help liven it up more than the typical quiz game.

The audio in The Impossible Quizmas is fun to listen to. There are a couple of different Christmas songs that players can enjoy, but they aren’t ones that play on the radio. Still, the upbeat music will make it more bearable every time the player has to see the “Game Over” screen on their way to victory.

Overall, The Impossible Quizmas is a decent way to waste some time. Just don’t take it too seriously and you’ll likely have some fun with it. Here’s hoping everyone enjoys the holiday season this year!

The Impossible Quizmas earns 3 GiN Gems out of 5!


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