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Welcome Time Wasters!

In my efforts to cure my boredom this week, I turned to my smartphone. It only seemed natural. I’m still playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (Review Here) and I’ve got my smartphone on me a lot of times because of this. So, I guess the time waster this week was to fill my time while waiting for my energy to refill from the time waster last week. Strange.

that level again 3
The puzzles really are interesting.

Either way, what I discovered was a puzzle-platfromer called That Level Again 3. This isn’t just a simple puzzle game though. It really pushes the player to think about how to solve puzzles by using methods outside of the game. This means that sometimes they can only be solved by taking specific actions on the device it’s running on.

I always find these types of games fun because they challenge players to think outside of the box. A lot of the solutions in this game are clever and I wouldn’t blame people for having to get help with some of them. I had to a couple of times and each time I did it was always one of those moments where I thought to myself “I should’ve realized that.”

There’s a main story mode to That Level Again 3 that has both a happy and sad ending. Once the happy ending is achieved, a few additional levels are unlocked to give players more puzzles to complete. The game doesn’t last long, but it’s loads of fun. Plus, it’s free. Players are also only subjected to ads if they decide to ask the game for help.

that level again 3
Wonder where this key goes?

The graphics in That Level Again 3 are very nice. It all has a dark and gloomy appearance through most of the game with just about everything looking like with was drawn with a pen or pencil. The graphics are also part of the puzzles sometimes and it works really well.

The audio in That Level Again 3 is also great. It’s mostly quiet, gentle music that fits well with a game all about puzzles. The music also matches up well with the art in the game. Unfortunately, it doesn’t play a part in figuring out any of the puzzles, but this is also a blessing as I hate having my volume up on my phone while out in public.

Overall, That Level Again 3 is a very good way to waste your time. It’s innovative and challenging with great art and music. It’s also a free and the ads aren’t intrusive, which is always good to see.

That Level Again 3 earns 4 GiN Gems out of 5!

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