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Hello Time Wasters!

Batten down the hatches and set sail because this week we are going to become the Master of the Sea. That’s right this week it’s a pirates life for me as I review Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Sea! Now of course you must be thinking ‘Great another bad movie tie in game’. Well that’s what I thought at first. Heck to be honest I’ve seen this game sitting around on the featured page for a couple of weeks and couldn’t bring myself to download it until just recently. Worry not though buccaneers for Master of the Sea brings to our phone a fun pirate filled adventure!

The basic idea behind Master of the Sea is really easy to grasp. You are a new pirate who desires to become Master of the Sea. To do this we’ll have to conquer all the islands of the Caribbean, of which there are a little more than 20 and complete loads of quest and battle other pirates who wish to also become the Master of the Sea.

Gameplay is really simple. Sail around until you land on an island and then complete all the quest on that island to make it your own. This is done through some sometimes menial task like helping a native find some missing rum or battling your way to a secret treasure. The stories behind most of these quests are over the top and reek of good natured pirate fun.

Completing these quests will also reward you with money and gems which can be used to hire more crew for your ship and to buy upgrades for it as well. More so than the quest you’ll want to keep up with the maintenance of your ship. After all how can you raid other pirates without a well maintained crew and ship?

Speaking of fighting other pirates the game allows you to battle other people who are playing the game as well. Ships will be sailing around and it you chose so you can have a cannon battle with them. The gameplay is as simple as tap to fire and more often than not the battle will be decided solely by the amount of attack power and defense you have.

The graphics of Master of the Sea are surprisingly good considering it’s a game on a phone. Sure the world isn’t overly detailed but 3-D models in a phone game highly impress me. Combine this with the great musical score and a few pirate shouts here and there and Master of the Seas does really well for itself.

I’ve got to say that I’ve really been enjoying my experience with Master of the Sea. It simple but addicting gameplay and huge amount of short but sweet quests all falls perfectly into what I want in a Time Waster.

Pirates of the Caribbean swordfights its way to 4.5 GiN gems out of 5!

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