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I’m sticking to the smartphone gaming this week as I keep trying out my shiny new phone. Don’t worry, I’m sure the allure will wear off soon and I’ll be back to browser gaming in no time. Until then, let me tell you about Data Wing.

Data Wing a top-down racing game that takes place inside the neon world of a smartphone. The player takes on the role of a Data Wing. These programs work for the AI in the phone transporting packets of data. You’ve got to be fast at this, which is why our little friend never shuts off his booster. The only thing the player has to worry about is which way to point him.

I already said that Data Wing is a racing game, but that’s not all it is. Sure, there are plenty of levels that require players to beat AI opponents, race against the clock and such, but there’s also more. This includes sections of the game that appear more like and adventure with the player collecting keys and solving puzzles. These parts of the game are a nice mix up from the typical races.

Data Wing
“They’ve gone into plaid!”

One of the more neat things about Data Wing is how is challenges players to beat these levels. See, the thrust from the Data Wing’s booster actually responds to nearby walls. This means that players can ride close to walls at an angle to build up speed and move faster. It makes for an interesting racing game that has players taking the widest paths possible for more speed, rather than cutting as close to turns as they can.

The wall riding mechanic also serves a purpose in the puzzle solving in the game. This mostly revolves around levels in Data Wing that have stronger gravity than normal. These levels will require players to build up as much momentum as possible to reach higher areas. It’s a nice challenge that isn’t too hard, or too easy. I think anyone can play and beat this game, but they will have to adjust to the controls first.

There’s actually a nice story here that has to do with an AI trying to reach past its original design. Along the way, players can also pick up notes during their races. These notes give players insight into the life of the 16-year-old girl that owns the smartphone. Both of the stories the game tells are interesting and they come together in a nice way at the end. It’s one of the better stories I’ve seen from a mobile game, while still being minimal enough to not drag down the gameplay.

Data Wing
Wall riding is just so much fun!

The visuals of Data Wing are great. There are neon colors everywhere and it does a good job at looking like the inside of a computer from an 80s view. I also enjoy the few characters in the game with their simple emote-like expressions.

The audio in Data Wing is another positive for players. It’s got a great soundtrack that works well with the game. There are also several different songs for players to enjoy, which is surprising coming from a mobile title. The sound effect also stand out as a plus. There’s something incredibly satisfying about hearing the booster push against a wall as the player rides along it that makes me smile.

Overall, Data Wing is a wonderful game to waste some time with. It’s so good that it is one of the few mobile games I actually played to completion. Granted, that’s because most mobile games don’t have real ends, but I think you understand what I’m getting at. It’s completely free to play, doesn’t bog you down with ads and has no microtransactions. Definitely go give it a try if you have some time to kill.

Data Wing earns 5 GiN Gems out of 5!

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