Cat Quest II is an Adventure Worth Taking

Welcome Time Wasters!

I’ll start out straight with you. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy my Time Waster this week. I was sent a review copy of Cat Quest II by the developers and made the mistake of judging it on looks alone. Let this review serve as an apology for my error.

The story of Cat Quest II has the player taking on the role of two ancient kings resurrected to stop a great evil. They are tasked with finding the pieces of a holy blade and reforging it to defeat this foe. It’s a simple enough idea, but more epic than I was expecting from my first look at the game. Just to be clear, I have no experience with the first Cat Quest game. So I don’t know about any story connections between the two. With that in mind, I was still able to easily jump into this game and understand what was going on.

That’s also true of the gameplay. Cat Quest II is an action RPG with simple controls that are easy to pick up and learn. The combos are fairly basic, but the addition of a dodging and magic attacks adds some extra spice to the game. Players can tackle this game with co-op, but those that don’t aren’t alone. The second character still assists in combat. The player will also take control of the other character if the one they are currently using losses all their hit points.

Another great thing worth mentioning here is how lax the game is for co-op players. It doesn’t require them to start the journey that way. Instead, players can have friends jump in and leave at any time. It makes it easier to bring players in on the fly without having to start over from the beginning or interrupt a current adventure.

Players that do take up the journey that Cat Quest II offers will find plenty of extra things to do as well. There are optional dungeons and loads of side quests to kill time with. Some of them even turn into ongoing adventures with multiple parts and their own stories to tell. That’s something I can get behind without complaint.

The graphics in Quest II are bright and colorful, which makes it a treat to the eyes. The overall art style is nice to look at and somewhat hides just how good the game really is. That’s not to say I want it to change to something dark or gritty. It’s just not what I was expecting is all.

When it comes to audio, Cat Quest II also performs well. That includes a wide variety of music during the adventures. The sound effects are also solid and properly convey the feeling that the game is going for. I’m not going to say this will knock your socks off, but it doesn’t hurt the game at all, either.

Overall, Cat Quest II is a great way to kill some time. The simple gameplay and bright colors make it perfect for kids. However, it’s still fun enough for adults to enjoy as well. It’s the perfect example of a game that both parents and children could enjoy together.

Cat Quest II earns 4.5 GiN Gems out of 5!

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