Enjoying Under The Cover Magic With Casual Hadr Puzzler

Good Morning gamer fans! This is Modern Gamer with another fabulous review on this fantastic Saturday morning! Halloween is getting closer and if you’re wondering what to dress up as why not try a magician? Or rather his magic cloak? No? How about playing one? It’s a bit more relaxing for those of you who need a breather for the weekend? Check out Hadr!

Alright, let me start by saying that you want to play this with a Steam controller. Seriously, I tried with the just keyboard, it’s a total pain to play that way. Basically you play as a blanket that makes things disappear. It’s a bit weird. But it’s totally relaxing. It’s like you’re cleaning house or something.

This is actually a puzzler game with a very simple plot. You make things disappear into thin air with a floating magic sheet. And when I say it’s relaxing, I’m not kidding. The music, the motion of the sheet, and even the graphics are meant to calm you. It’s almost hypnotizing. If you have anxiety or depression, Hadr is a seriously nice game. But this is a puzzler game, so you have to think.

Speaking about puzzler games, I’m not really sure about what to make disappear. All I know is that the goal is to “eat” all the things with this sheet. There’s no real direction as to what you are supposed to make disappear. It’s kind of bizarre as the goal is a real guessing game. But from what I understand, you have to make enough stuff disappear with the blanket until it opens up a way out, like a hole in the floor or a window. Then you are taken to another room to do the same thing again. Sometimes if you don’t get the right things in the right order the room will start over. It’s weird.

The graphics are pretty basic, but it works for the most part. This game is supposed to relax you and get you into a hypnotic stage as you clean house, making all the stuff disappear from sight. You aren’t supposed to be to engaged with the textures, but instead with the objects themselves. It’s a very minimalist style of art. At least that’s what it does for me.

They do use the greyscale very well in the game objects. Also I will tell you that sheet you play curls up and acts like a real floating sheet. So adding extra textures might actually make it super confusing to tell the direction of the sheet. I think that’s wise and clever to put into a game. Like I said before, Hadr is meant to be relaxing. I have to admit, it really did relax me. If you can’t sleep or you’re really just so exhausted you can’t sleep, play Hadr. Or if you have really bad anxiety, this game is for you! You will feel like you can rest after playing this game. Hadr is really something and a must play! You will feel renewed.

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